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Hostess Models is the only structure that allows the complete or partial use of the computer system to agencies, firms and photographers that prefer to have the autonomy of selection according to own times and own methodologies of personal recruitment. In this case through the system the accredited firms can find the demand figures in autonomous way simply using a dedicated account and a terminal connected to internet imposing itself as important crossroad of exchanges and contacts as well as trampoline of visibility through which gravitate the figures of the sector (agencies, photographers, models, institutions).
All of this allows to bypass the mediations, to jump the long and tortuous resetting many useless costs offering competitive prices to our clients in comparison to the market and the 100% of satisfaction.

     LUCY - Ukrainian model - Teramo (Abruzzo)

    Availability: fashion model, bikini model, lingerie model, glamour model, fashion wearer clothes, bikini wearer clothes, lingerie wearer clothes, hostess image, hostess fair, hostess congressional, cinema, theater, television, deejay.

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